Upcoming Events at the Old Franklin Schoolhouse

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Bob, Bikes, & Beer

May 22-24, 2015

The Borough Improvement League is once again throwing a party in Bob Dylan's honor at the Old Franklin Schoolhouse. Planning for this year's event is already underway, and includes an expanded performance schedule due to the demand last year. 

**Friday, May 22 - Open Mic hosted by Danny Adlerman, 7pm
**Saturday, May 23 - Scheduled sets by 7-10 performers/acts (free entrance, bicycle repairs, good beer for sale, gourmet Vietnamese sandwiches for sale by Bike-Walk Metuchen, 7pm
**Sunday, May 24 - casual memorabilia display, vinyl playing, some live music, picnic & grill,12-5

More details coming out soon! And T-SHIRTS! And Mugs!