New Members Are Always Welcome!

If you are interested in becoming a member, please feel free to attend one of our meetings, events, or programs and introduce yourself!  The bylaws require that you be "recommended" in writing by two current members in good standing.  Proposed members are then "voted in" by the board during the next meeting.

Dues are currently 50 (fifty) dollars per year, payable on a calendar basis.  In order to maintain our historic clubhouse, provide an annual scholarship, and contribute to various charitable institutions, the B.I.L. relies heavily on the income from rentals and the proceeds of our yearly fundraisers, such as the House Tour, Scholarship Fundraiser, and High Tea. Therefore, we ask members to assist by purchasing tickets, making donations of food or goods, and/or volunteering to assist with these yearly fundraisers.  

For more information about becoming a member, please contact the President, Tyreen Reuter, at 862-368-2202 or .

Membership has its advantages...

Benefits of membership in the Borough Improvement League include the cross-generational camaraderie of like-minded individuals, the knowledge your efforts are contributing to the greater good, and invitations to our many programs and events.   We are committed to the preservation of the schoolhouse, but also to progressive good within in our community; if you have a worthy cause, we will try within our means to leverage our assets to help.

In addition, with Board approval, we also allow active members in good standing to occasionally rent the Old Franklin School  at a reduced rate for their own personal and private (non-commercial) use, or to assist with non-profit fundraisers.  The reduced rate is a privilege afforded to valued members in consideration of their hard work and dedication to preservation of the Old Franklin Schoolhouse; we do not accept membership solely for the purposes of discounting rentals, and members must be current on their dues, active, and in good standing for a period of six-months before being eligible for the reduced rate.


Click HERE to pay your membership renewal online with a credit card.