Annotated DVD of the 1929 movie made in Metuchen (originally silent, 30 minutes long). Music and additional subtitles have been added by the Borough Improvement League with assistance from the Metuchen-Edison Historical Society. Disk includes a digital copy of an extended minute/second index. All proceeds benefit the maintenance of the historic Old Franklin Schoolhouse, built ca. 1807. 

The background of the movie's making is not completely clear, but we know a young man named Charles Salaki was involved, and his son later gave a copy to the person who donated a digital copy to us that we could create this annotated version to share. It seems to have been made as a promotional film to show the advantages of living and doing business in Metuchen. There is no movie title or information provided, but we were able to determine it dates from 1929 because Hillpot was mayor 1928-1930, and at minute 19:44 a calendar on the wall shows January 1st as falling on a Tuesday. It shows schools, businesses, homes, and organizations all within a plot line involving "Charlie," who comes to Metuchen and meets "Jean," falls in love and rescues her from a fire. They soon wed and move into a home, but will the romance last?!? 

Formats included on the disk are AVI, MOV, MPG, and WMV. It should work on most computers and DVD players. If it does not play on your device, you may return it.

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